Осман Бинеев (sober_space) wrote,
Осман Бинеев

In the beginning was game semantics

"In the beginning was Semantics, and Semantics was Game Semantics, and Game Semantics was Logic. Through it all concepts were conceived; for it all axioms are written, and to it all deductive systems should serve...

This is not an evangelical story, but the story and philosophy of computability logic (CL), the recently introduced [12] mini-religion within logic. According to its philosophy, syntax — the study of axiomatizations or any other, deductive or nondeductive string-manipulation systems — exclusively owes its right on existence to semantics, and is thus secondary to it. CL believes that logic is meant to be the most basic, generalpurpose formal tool potentially usable by intelligent agents in successfully navigating the real life."
Giorgi Japaridze
In the beginning was game semantics
Tags: games, philosophical mathematics
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